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Do you feel stagnant and stuck?

Do you feel stagnant and stuck no matter how much you have worked on meditation, diets, repatterning your old habits, changing your narratives and releasing your emotions. I've been there.

When our internal energies are blocked we feel cut off from cosmic flow unable to fully experience the health, joy and vitality available to us.

This lack of energy contributes to signs of dis-ease, fatigue, inflammation, brain fog, insomnia, gut issues & anxiety.

My 'Raising Vibration' is a 'Profound Formula' for Wholeness. Turn on your inner light & fire up your soul. Its a recipe, a guide, a map to make sure all energy centers are functioning. Reconnecting the Body, Mind and Soul, the stepping stones, the rainbow bridge to the beyond and back again.

The tailored program will get you the results you desire. It will help raise your vibration, heighten your productivity, focus, resilience, optimism and inspiration. You will be introduced to practical tips to prevent burn out, manage with your heart and restore your body to health & vitality. Become a a vessel of energy and stand vibrant and strong in the fullness of who you are. You are energy. Energy is all there is !

Why raise your vibrational frequency?

Life flows when you’re living in a higher vibrational frequency.

However, as you face lifes challenges, your energies are thrown into disarray, your vibrational frequency is decreased.

When you learn to raise your vibration, it affects your reality and your life begins to flow in many different areas. Life becomes more harmonious.
Learn to balance your bodies energies for optimum health, joy and vitality.
Help yourself, increase your energies, become happier and grow healthier.

When you don’t feel good in your body you don’t make choices from the joy you were born with. As a result, you suffer from the choices youmake out of unnecessary suffering.

Manage your energies to beat stress, reduce anxiety and free yourself of ailments.

Empower your mind and brighten your spirit

The physical, emotional, mental & spiritual, is the accurate portrait for the human being. Your body is an energy driven machine Establish and Measure your baseline vibration


Your physical body is the vessel that your spirituality, mental thoughts & emotions flow through.

Learn how to raise your vibration at a physical level.



Your emotional body is the sum of your feelings. Emotion means “energy in motion?” Where feelings go energy flows.
Learn how to raise your vibration at an emotional level.



Your mental body is the sum of your thoughts. Where thoughts go energy flows.
Learn how to raise your vibration at a mental level.



The circle in the Vitruvian Man represents the spiritual body.

Learn how to raise your vibration at a spiritual level, to live with purpose and open the infinite doorway to awareness, and our mystical self.



Your Personalised Plan

Why not sign up for a free consultation where we will have a chat, and assess your energy blocks.

Applying my insight, I will then develop a personalised plan to tailor your energy solution. Each person is unique

A standard transformational journey, where energy is channeled to raise your vibration is a little over an hour a week for 4 weeks.

  • You also have the option of availing of additional complementary tools , either as independent services or adding them to your 4 week transformational journey.

  • Learn simple and effective tools which are enormously helpful to address life’s challenges

  • The tool and techniques arise out of centuries of wisdom from different cultures around the world, Safe, natural and accessible, scientific investigations are verifying such healing concepts

Upcoming Retreats

May 118:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Power of the Mind in Health and Healing

Reasons You Should
Consider Raising Vibrations Workshops & events

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  • Retreats Have Long-Term Benefits
  • Retreats Provide Peace Away from Your Daily Routine
  • Nature Let’s You Unwind
  • You’re Surrounded by Like-Minded Company
  • You Have Access to Professional Guidance
  • You Don’t Have to Worry About Planning
  • Retreats Can Be More Economical

Past Events