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Energy Centres

Key to something valuable in the chakra system, bottom up and top down
As a process of transformation, healing or manifestation, a map for human consciousness, evolutionary journey, navigating your way through life.

Close your eyes and fine your way to an erect spine, take your tail bone to the back of your seat. It widens your base and opens up your ground and gives you stability, the way a tree widens at its base, imagine roots being sent down below your body into the Earth

Plug you in so you can receive at all frequencies. At the same time extend your head upwards. You are spreading your spine in 2 opposite directions, just like working with a necklace, pull apart all the beads come into alignment as do the chakras
Feel that connection between heaven and earth that occurs right thought the centre and core and as you focus on that think of a capital letter I, the core of thy self, that is you the unique being and as you inhale into that, the vertical column expands and the body softens and as you exhale there’s a contraction into the core that allows the core to intensify and brighten. We embrace our core with unconditional love. Any time you feel out of alignment, practice this centering.

Energy Centers

Convergence of life force

Energy Centers, convergence of life force energy in all levels, earth, water, fire, air, sound, light & through the meridians


The body is our hardware and our programming is our software. The hardware and the software is our resultant energy force. Get the bugs our of the programme so we feel fully alive.


Emotional Flow

Power House



Voicing Your Truth


Understanding your Purpose


Your Personalised Plan

Why not sign up for a free consultation where we will have a chat, and assess your energy blocks.

Applying my insight, I will then develop a personalised plan to tailor your energy solution. Each person is unique

A standard transformational journey, where energy is channeled to raise your vibration is a little over an hour a week for 4 weeks.

  • You also have the option of availing of additional complementary tools , either as independent services or adding them to your 4 week transformational journey.

  • Learn simple and effective tools which are enormously helpful to address life’s challenges

  • The tool and techniques arise out of centuries of wisdom from different cultures around the world, Safe, natural and accessible, scientific investigations are verifying such healing concepts